VanderSat announces a new partnership with Ghent University to develop evaporation services

February 14, 2019


anderSat is proud to announce our partnership with Ghent University.


  • VanderSat and Ghent University will deliver daily high resolution evaporation
  • Evaporation plays a crucial role in agricultural productivity and water management
  • The new product will be available in 2020 through VanderSat’s Global viewer and API


Together with prof.dr. Diego Miralles and his team in the Department of Environment, VanderSat will introduce a high resolution terrestrial evaporation service which will soon be launched through the VanderSat API and viewer. With a daily evaporation service our partners and customers will be able to better monitor the water use efficiency for crops and adjust agricultural activities if needed. The evaporation product is perfectly complementary to the current remote sensing solutions from VanderSat: high resolution soil moisture, land surface temperature and vegetation optical depth.

The methodology is based on the state of the art and scientific GLEAM evaporation model, which is currently adjusted to make it suitable for high resolution (e.g. see Martens et al., 2018). In the near future this model will be further advanced with new satellite observations including observations from the Copernicus Sentinel constellation.

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