Welcome to tech nerds paradise.

Our thirty-six strong team is an inspiring mix of data enthusiasts, tech nerds, entrepreneurs and scientists. We live and breathe science. So no surprise we document everything well.


Our docs.vandersat.com describes the VanderSat Data Service. It covers VanderSat’s data products, API, and Viewer web application.

We know you’re not interested in a fancy website when you want to learn about our our product data flags, release notes, API endpoints and parameters. So we made it simple. We hope you like it.


Get acces to our dataviewer

We assume you’re very much interested in our viewer. So you can get a feeling with our data and what you can do with it. When you have serious interests in our viewer and data, we are happy to create a login for your you.

Contact Philip for access

Please send Philip an email and briefly explain something about your business (case).

Philip Bonke MSc
Sr. Business Developer Agri-Food
+31 23 3690093pbonke@vandersat.com