Land Surface Temperature (LST)

To obtain useful data on land surface temperature (LST), remote sensing offers high spatial coverage without the need to rely on weather stations. LST, the radiative skin temperature over land, is a key component of energy and water exchange with the atmosphere and plays a crucial role in the physics of the land surface.

Our LST product not only gives you essential input for monitoring crop health, but also supports a whole range of services from drought, weather and climate analysis, to fire risk and public health.

Cold Warm 2°C 20°C

Our satellite-based data service enables you to determine the LST of any field on the planet. Our technology can see through clouds, is unhindered by darkness and offers you comparable accuracy to weather station data. In other words, you will have a continuous insight into temperatures in conditions where other satellites do not always have a clear view. All this is backed by the ideal analytical perspective provided by our long time series.

High resolution

Soil moisture, soil temperature and vegetation optical depth (VOD) are retrieved by VanderSat from satellite microwave measurements in the frequency range of 1.4 to 36.5 GHz. An important property of microwave data is its insensitivity to cloud cover, enabling the provision of daily global data coverage. In 2016, VanderSat patented its own downscaling technique for application to passive microwave observations with a typical spatial resolution of 25×25 km. VanderSat reconstructs the antenna footprints for each individual observation and uses the abundant overlaps to downscale to a product resolution of 100×100 m.


Our patented algorithm means you can expect highly reliable data delivery through API and viewer:

  • Cloud and darkness proof
  • Available within six hours of satellite overpass
  • Long time series: high resolution data from 2002 onwards ·
  • Similar accuracy to weather stations, but with high spatial coverage and no maintenance.
  • Daily spatial-temporal resolution of 100×100 metre

And there is more.

Not only for Land Surface Temperature we provide highly reliable data. Also for soil moisture and vegetation (Vegetation Optical Depth and biomass) we retrieve satellite microwave measurements, globally and daily.

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