At VanderSat, we live and breathe science

VanderSat stands for decades of scientific expertise in the remote sensing of soil moisture. Our sterling reputation is built on over 20 years of experience and more than 20,000 citations in Google Scholar.

We collaborate with the world’s leading institutions in a scientific setting to produce a free and open coarse-grained dataset (25×25 km) for anyone who wants to work with soil moisture data. With over 9000 users, this dataset is a key resource for hundreds of climate studies across the globe.

The environmental impact of soil moisture is irrefutable: it influences hydrological and agricultural conditions, run-off generation, drought development and many other essential processes. It also impacts on the climate system through atmospheric feedbacks. Soil moisture is a source of water for evapotranspiration over continents and a vital element in both water and energy cycles.


In 2010, soil moisture became an essential climate variable and a key component of ESA’s  Global Monitoring of Essential Climate Variables programme, better known as the Climate Change Initiative (CCI). The programme has gone on to produce an updated soil moisture product every year since its foundation. The ESA CCI soil moisture product has contributed to hundreds of hydrological and climatological studies worldwide, in addition to the American Meteorological Society’s yearly State of the Climate reports.

State of the Climate

CCI Soil Moisture provides the following benefits:


The dataset ingests soil moisture datasets derived from the sensors listed in the figures below, with a particular emphasis on the following ESA CCI SM datasets (v04.5):


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