Nice to meet you.

We are VanderSat. Thanks for dropping by. The outstanding products and services we provide are the result of dedicated teamwork. Our thirty-six strong team is an inspiring mix of data enthusiasts, tech nerds, entrepreneurs and scientists. We live and breathe science. It is the foundation on which the engine is built. Starting with our founder Richard de Jeu, who is among the top 0.1% of most cited researchers worldwide. Our sterling reputation is built on over 20 years of experience and more than 20,000 citations in Google Scholar.

In the field of passive microwave sensing, we have the largest in-house team of earth observation scientists in the world. It’s this level of commitment that enables us to offer our own unique, patented technology to make highly accurate and reliable observations possible, unhindered by darkness and cloud cover.

Our people share a passion for satellite observation data. And a firm belief that expertise in water and soil moisture is more important than ever. Only the best possible data can enable the people who matter to make the right decisions and take effective action. And that’s exactly what we have to offer: the consistent, up-to-date and highly accurate data you need to maximise the potential of your operations and investments worldwide.

The team

Dr. Richard de Jeu

Founder & CTO

Dr. Thijs van Leeuwen


Dr. Jaap Schellekens

Director of Water Management

Robbert Mica MSc

Co-founder & CMO

Arjen Bakker

Head of Agri, Food & Commodities

Menno van der Marel MSc

Non-Executive Chairman

Berend de Jong MSc


Nadja den Besten MSc

Remote Sensing Scientist