We have bold ambitions.

Every day we work towards our mission to build the best satellite products to monitor water, globally and daily. We provide insight to make actionable decisions to reduce the global water and food crisis.

We aim to positively impact over 100 million hectares within three years (as of 2020) by the end of 2022.

So far we are on 27.7%. Let’s clarify this.


What is positive impact exactly and how do we quantify the benefits for the end users as a satellite data provider? Our impact team tackles these questions so that we are able to communicate what we do in a transparent way.

Our impact strategy provides us with clear insights on impact development and the ability to steer on it.

“Besides empowering our team, it equips us with the right tools to talk about our positive contribution to society.”

Lexy Ratering Artnz MSc, Head of Impact Strategy

Quantifying impact

Our clients in Agriculture, Insurance & Banking and Water & Climate are capable of making positive impact based on VanderSat data. Think about cumulative water savings or pesticide reduction. The number of (smallholder) farmers that have the opportunity to have insurance and so reduce risks. Or improved safety and environmental conservation via data-driven decisions in water (and/ or) disaster management.



Hectares Serviced

We quantify our impact by counting ‘Hectares Serviced’:

  • Directly consumed by customers of VanderSat in Agriculture, Insurance and Water & Climate.
  • Used for Operational Services; processed data used for only prospects or projects are not considered ‘Hectares Serviced’.
  • Based on VanderSat high resolution satellite products including temperature, soil moisture and biomass.


It is our mission to create maximum positive impact on food and water security. This means that we do not develop any activities, or engage with any parties that do not sufficiently contribute to this ambition. We will not pursue projects, which are solely driven by a strong political agenda, military activities or sales.

Contact Lexy

When you take ‘making impact’ as serious as we do, then contact Lexy to discuss possibilities.

Lexy Ratering Arntz MSc
Head of Impact Strategylrateringarntz@vandersat.com