Expanding VanderSat’s offerings and impact in India

October 12, 2020


btaining reliable and up-to- date information on water availability and crop health is more important than ever. Extreme weather, rapid population growth
and rising demand are making food and water security among the most pressing global challenges we face. India is no exception. VanderSat believes satellite observation has a crucial role to play in combating the food and water crisis, now and in future. We believe that only highly accurate measurements of soil water content an crop conditions, unhindered by cloud cover or darkness, will enable you to make the right decisions. In VanderSat’s mission to bring high-quality satellite data and analytics to address long-standing and complex risks in agriculture and water sectors we have added a business partner in India . VanderSat has been keeping close ties with India since it’s very first beginnings.


G. Satish Raju is joining VanderSat as our Indian business partner.  Untill recently (June 2020) Satish was the CEO of India Branch of Swiss Re. Satish has Nearly 20 years work experience with Swiss Re, mostly in India, with 2-8 month work stints in-between in Zurich, Sydney, London, Singapore offices
He has experience across the Property & Casualty sector including: (a) 3-year CEO stint of Swiss Re’s subsidiary in health insurance administration (TPA) in Bangalore during 2010-2013; (b) Head of Global Partnerships- South Asia in Mumbai during 2013-2018, focus on index/ parametric solutions for state govts for fiscal protection against natural catastrophes.

Read Satish’s linkedin page on why he decided to join VanderSat.

A bit of my past, a bit of my future in this collaboration mentioned in the below post ..... Since leaving Swiss Re a few months ago, and taking a break to explore interesting stuff to work on, one of the assignments I am now taking on is as a business partner for VanderSat in India. Bringing high-quality satellite data and analytics from VanderSat to address long-standing and complex risks in India's agriculture and water sectors, as well as innovating in insurance for these markets.

G. Satish Raju, VanderSat - Business Partner India

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