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VanderSat is a leading provider of global satellite-observed water and temperature data, products and services. Our observations go beyond anything you have seen before.

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Daily observations enable you to make better decisions. At VanderSat, we use our expertise in passive microwave technology to provide accurate observations on any field in the world. We can deliver high-quality data on soil moisturetemperature and vegetation (Vegetation Optical Depth and biomass) to power a whole range of applications: near real-time, unhindered by cloud cover and backed by an archive that spans decades. A consistent daily data service.

We make specific use of satellites that register the microwave signals that radiate naturally from the Earth’s surface, a process known as passive microwave sensing. This means we provide observations that go beyond anything you have seen before.

Cloud and darkness proof

Not hindered by cloud cover.

Global and daily

Safely stored and backed-up.

Near real-time

Available within six hours of satellite overpass.

Not hindered by vegetation

Deeper signal penetration than optical vegetation indices.

Long time series

High resolution data from 2002 onwards.

As accurate as ground sensors

With better spatial representation and no maintenance.

As a leading provider of global satellite-observed water and temperature data, products and services, VanderSat observes and analyses soil conditions. We give our customers essential insights into soil conditions by applying our mathematical expertise to raw data from a constellation of NASA, ESA and JAXA satellites. As specialists in obtaining accurate and relevant data, we understand every aspect of the data we provide. This is the key to the invaluable service we offer our customers.

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Our patented satellite technology makes use of a lesser known section of the electromagnetic spectrum: passive microwaves. In the field of passive microwave sensing, we have the largest in-house team of earth observation scientists in the world. It’s this level of commitment that enables us to offer our own unique, patented technology to make highly accurate and reliable observations possible, unhindered by darkness and cloud cover.

Crucial for your business is our use of passive microwave technology. This enables us to offer highly accurate measurements of soil water content, unhindered by cloud cover or darkness. Our advanced algorithms then convert these observations into processable data on soil moisture, temperature and vegetation (VOD and biomass)

Our data streams offer the same quality as those from soil sensors, but without the drawback of having to install them across every field you want to monitor, not to mention the costs and maintenance associated with running numerous ground sensors. Satellite data gives you an instantly global outlook, all the information you need right there at your fingertips.

Your data is delivered through an API developed in-house to ensure seamless integration into your operational system. The API allows the user to download point locations, raster data or averaged data on a specified region of interest (e.g. your field). The processed data is available daily, six hours after satellite overpass.

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