Drought Index Insurance

Smarter agricultural drought data and analytics make farmers more resilient while minimising basis risk.

There’s a direct connection between crop yield on the one hand and monitoring soil moisture and crop water availability to determine drought on the other hand. This type of monitoring provides a more accurate indicator of agricultural drought than precipitation. Our drought index insurance, built on VanderSat data, is available through our partners in Asia, South America, Europe, Africa, Australia and North America.

Here’s how VanderSat helps you protect your future with drought index insurance.

1. Connect with us

Tell us what type of crop insurance you want and where you plan to use it. We will tell you about the VanderSat geospatial building blocks you need and any implications for your existing crop insurance.

2. Set up processing for your region of interest

You will receive data through our viewer or API. Drawing on the expertise of our scientists, we will show you the temporal and spatial aspects of agricultural drought for your region of interest and how these interact with your crop.

3. Put together your drought index insurance

Depending on the crop type you want to insure and your region of interest, our scientists will work with your actuaries, underwriters and data scientists to reduce your basis risk using VanderSat geospatial building blocks and analytics.

4. Connect to our API or viewer

Once your new drought index insurance has been tried and tested, we will connect you to our API or VanderSat viewer to scale up your cover. You will get daily updates on the situation in your region of interest and access to an archive that goes back 19 years. This will serve as the basis for your drought index insurance.

5. Moving forward

We will provide you with all the technical assistance and business development advice you need. We see collaboration as a long-term joint endeavour that goes beyond pure data and analytics.

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