Biomass (beta)

The VanderSat Biomass Proxy is specifically designed for agricultural crops and provides daily images of biomass estimations at high resolution (10 m).

Due to this high spatial and temporal resolution, VanderSat Biomass Proxy opens up the opportunity for continuous monitoring of crop conditions, an option that Earth Observation systems in the optical domain simply cannot provide.

The operational product is due for delivery in 2021.

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  • Crop performance monitoring:
    • different amplitude and timing of growth for each crop
      (biomass patterns show the difference between crops over time)
    • clear harvest events
    • exposes weak spots in your field
  • Increases efficiency of agricultural inputs
  • Improves timing of seeding

And there is more.

Not only for Biomass we provide highly reliable data. Also for Soil Moisture, Land Surface Temperature and Vegetation Optical Depth we retrieve satellite microwave measurements, globally and daily.

We understand we got your attention here

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Rogier Burger MSc
Remote Sensing