We made it! 500 kilometers of cycling in 24 hours for the Homeride! 🚴🚴🚴

June 24, 2019


his weekend a group of eight VanderSatters and three companions/assistants set out to cycle 500 kilometers in 24 hours straight through the Netherlands. And we were not alone. 1500 people where either cycling or running, day and night. Literally going the distance. It is called Homeride and it was amazing.


Amazing, but absolutely nothing compared to the love and care that is provided by the volunteers at the Ronald McDonald houses in the world. When your child is sick, you want the best care possible – even if it is hundreds or thousands of miles away. The Ronald McDonald House allows families to access specialized medical treatment by providing a place to stay at little or sometimes no cost. One of our teammembers has spent several weeks in the house in Leiden and this was the way to show gratitude

VanderSat reached out to friends, families, corporates and relations to raise money for this great goal and we are proud that were able to raise 9.375 euros. Special thanks goes out to our sponsors Keukenconcurrent and Jumbo Haarlem who where extremely generous in their sponsoring and provided us with power food (hence the stickers on our van 😉

The Homeride as a whole raised over 1.400.000 euros.

Now, we do not want to mix up business and private too much (although we are fun to deal with 😉 but we are simply to enthusiastic not to share what a great weekend we had and how thankful we are for the hundreds of people who sponsored us, for the volunteers and for the houses. THANK YOU!

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