VanderSat opens Swiss satellite office

A farm actually...

February 16, 2021


e work with water. We work in agriculture. Our colors are Delft blue and we are active all over the globe. Does that sound Dutch to you?

We also work in insurance, a lot. What country comes to mind when you think about insurance and banking? Yes, Switzerland. From the very beginning in 2015 we have been working with Swiss insurance companies to scale agricultural insurance across the world to protect farmers against the impact of drought. That is why we decided to have local representation in this mountainous country. Even better, we have a team directly on a farm in the town of Lugnorre, Mont-Vully. Nicely situated between Geneva (bonjour, commodity traders) and Zurich (Gruezi, (re)insurers). From today onwards we will have a team of Swiss agronomists serving the Swiss insurance industry with VanderSat’s unique earth observation products. After all, our satellite data may cover the whole world, but speaking the local language makes things easier. Think global, act local.

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Berend de Jong MSc
Director of Insurance &

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