Spacetimelabs and VanderSat announce partnership to deliver new AI services for agriculture, hydropower and insurance.

June 4, 2019


rtifial Intelligence leader Spacetimelabs and Dutch Earth Observation company VanderSat today announced a strategic partnership to apply Spacetimelabs industry-leading artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning technologies to VanderSat’s global data service for the agricultural, insurance and hydropower sector. The companies from Brazil and the Netherlands will work to optimize the AI and machine learning (ML) framework aimed at earth observation data.



  • Microwave sensing from space gives the most accurate measurement of moisture, biomass and temperatures across the globe
  • Integration into Spacetimelabs artificial intelligence platform will lead to highly accurate and actionable forecasting in the hydro-meteorological domain
  • Partnership is aimed at agricultural productivity optimization, index insurance development, precision irrigation for forestry, and hydropower applications.


The partnership is already serving global corporations with operational risk management and risk transfer services and will now deepen and accelerate their integration with the help of a Joint Innovation Lab facility in Brazil with the aim of co-developing global risk capabilities, products and services in partnership with leading corporations operating in Brazil.

“Given the ever increasing frequency and impact of weather extremes impacting biomass, energy, water related industries worldwide, we will partner with VanderSat to co-develop the platform to deliver next generation risk intelligence capabilities that are actionable and fit for purpose for our corporate partners to navigate an increasingly complex and volatile future”

Juan Carlos Castilla-Rubio, Founder and Chairman of SpaceTime Labs.

Unmatched accuracy will help farmers and risk managers

Both companies currently serve world leading corporations in their respective segments
independently and given the synergies and complementarities in technology innovation,
science & technology capabilities, diverse, skillsets and commercial operations, we expect that by combining these we will be better serve our customers in solving their complex challenges in both operational risk management and in risk transfer.

“We have been collecting daily information on soil moisture and temperature from different satellites for many years . As a result, we now have an archive of data that goes back for 17 years, covers the whole earth and is updated daily. Combining Spacetimelabs’ best-in-class AI capabilities with VanderSat’s leading earth observation solutions will allow us to deliver higher-performing AI services to customers and and developers more quickly,” said dr. Richard de Jeu

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