Scientists at VanderSat have taken first steps at overcoming one of the biggest problems associated with NDVI satellite observations

February 18, 2019


ast week at the earth science career event in Amsterdat VanderSat showed the first results of a new earth observation product in the making. An NDVI product that works every day, without cloud obstruction.

Ask anyone working in earth observation about their biggest frustration and lack of data will often be the topic. Lack of data can be caused by many things, but cloud cover is usually topping the list.

At VanderSat we have built an alternative that is built upon a completely different technology that is not in the optical part of the spectrum. Our high resolution soil moisture, land surface temperature and vegetation optical depth solve a lot of issues associated with optical imagery and are already used by the world’s leading innovative agricultural and finance organisations.

In the background we have been working on a new NDVI product that combines the best of both worlds: Optical imagery and VanderSat microwave data. It is NDVI but without cloud issues.

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