NASA hosts seminar by VanderSat’s Dr. Richard de Jeu on agricultural applications

March 5, 2019


anderSat CTO Dr. Richard de Jeu and the NASA Earth Sciences Division at the Goddard Space Flight Center in GreenBelt, MA hosted a session on soil moisture services for the agricultural sector today.

VanderSat was built on the idea that remote sensing data should also serve a purpose outside of science and can positively impact agriculture and finance at the same time. It is no secret that space agencies like NASA, ESA and JAXA also have a growing interest in seeing their satellite data used for other things than science. Partially because there is an increasing demand from the public to know more about how these satellites are helping them in daily life. Another, perhaps less known reason, is that is very satisfying for almost every scientist and engineer to see how their innovations are being used in every day life.

Richard is one of the scientists that wanted his work to be used in everyday life. Richard de Jeu laid the foundation of a global operational service that powers agricultural applications built together with companies like BASF, SwissRe, Kisters, Rabobank and many more. He shared the VanderSat story and progress that has been made and showed several applications where the VanderSat service created new applications of satellite data.

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