A guide to nearly everything you want to know about VanderSat data and analytics

July 21, 2020


ere is our VanderSat viewer user guide. Everything you want to know about the data products, the API, the data flags, the product release notes, FAQ’s. Explore it and if you have any questions on how to integrate the data into your solution: we are here for you.

Globally, 80% of all crop damage is related to water. With more precise water data, crop yields on agricultural land can be improved. Accurate and reliable data is essential for this. The data is used not only by large agricultural companies, but also by insurers to calculate the risks and possible damages to crops. The technology also gives uninsured farmers, for example farmers in remote areas, access to crop data and therefore greater financial security. World players such as BASF, Climate Corp, AXA, and Swiss Re are making crucial business decisions on the basis of VanderSat’s data.

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