Satellite observed water data. Globally. Daily.

Knowledge about water availability and crop health is more important than ever. We give our costumers essential insights into soil conditions by applying our mathematical expertise to raw data from a constellation of NASA, ESA and JAXA satellites.

This goes beyond supplying high-resolution data: we provide detailed analysis and expert interpretation of these complex datasets. What better basis for creating practical decision-making tools for your business? With so much high-quality data available, why limit yourself?

Click, zoom and turn the globe (below) to get a feeling with our data on Soil Moisture, Vegetation Optical Depth and Land Surface Temperature.

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Observations that go beyond anything you have seen before

Real time, long term

We supply the information you need within six hours after satellite overpass. This means you are always primed for a rapid response. Not only do we provide a near real-time service, we can also furnish you with data from as far back as 2002. (in some cases, 1978) This puts relevant trends and a deeper understanding of long-term conditions firmly in your grasp.

In-depth insight

The instruments we use measure the microwave signal from the upper layer of soil. Typically, this goes up to 10 cm deep, with the first 5 cm providing the strongest input. In reality, however, depth of measurement varies slightly with moisture content: the drier the soil, the deeper the instrument’s reading.

Through clouds & darkness

Microwave remote sensing gives you the benefit of being able to see through clouds and darkness, giving you accurate information about subsurface conditions at an unprecedented spatial and temporal resolution.


We are more than providers of vital data: we also understand the significance of every last detail. This is the key to delivering a service that really makes a difference. Our extensive team of data and remote sensing scientists bring together over 20 years of scientific research experience. These are experts who live and breathe tech and science. We put their expertise at your disposal, giving you the analytical know-how you need to translate our datasets into effective decision-making tools.

Discover the possibilities for your specific business


We offer data and analytics on water availability, biomass and temperature to build smarter digital farming solutions for every growing season and every crop. Tell me more.


We reduce the impact of drought on farmers by building smarter crop insurance together with the world’s most innovative (re)insurers and brokers. Tell me more.


We provide in-depth information on the current state of the hydrologic system and its likely responses to fluctuating weather conditions. Tell me more.

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1. Set up processing for your region of interest
You will receive data through our viewer or API. Drawing on the expertise of our scientists, we will show you the spatial and temporal data for your region and its significance for your specific case and interests.

2. Build your product
Depending on the specific case, our scientists will collaborate with your team to develop your product or service.

3. Connect to API or viewer
Once your product or service has been tested, we will connect you to our API or VanderSat viewer so that it can be scaled up.

4. Moving forward
We see collaboration as a long-term commitment, a joint endeavour that goes beyond data, analytics and technical assistance.

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